The Grove Houses


The Grove Houses: Our spaces and services


The garden is essentially made up of labyrinthine winding paths, delimited by granite stones where it is possible to observe the fauna that inhabits the Ecological Reserve, with frequent sightings of rabbits, squirrels and various birds Always in harmony with the landscape, there are several concrete structures, imitating wooden trunks. These, nowadays, are covered with moss due to the dense humidity of the winter months, and range from benches to nooks, fountains, lookouts, lake with grotto, small cool houses, bandstand and tower with bridge. At the top there are huge granite formations, the rocks, which also serve as living spaces with benches and tables that appear perfectly integrated into nature. The garden is part of the Historic Gardens of Portugal and its grove was classified as being of public interest in a publication in the Diário da República of March 25, 2019.

Public Areas

The public areas of the Casa da Penha convey a cozy feeling due to their large wooden floorboards, carved ceilings and period wooden floors. The fireplace in the common room warms winter days, in the reading room you can enjoy a book overlooking the garden and on the stone veranda of the dining room you can enjoy breakfast in open-air.
At Casa do Jardineiro you can enjoy a living room with a fireplace, a dining room overlooking the garden and a fully equipped kitchen.


The garden visit is free for guests and you can use our Web App for information about the existing botanical species. On request we can accompany you and give some information about the history of the place. It is also accessible to the general public on a guided tour by appointment.

A Picnic

We can prepare a picnic basket for you to take or use in the garden at pre-selected locations that we will prepare for you.

Traditional Games

For entertainment, board games or traditional games such as “chincalhão” or “donkey game” are available

Actividades e eventos

Visita ao Jardim

A visita ao jardim é livre para os hóspedes e pode usar a nossa Web App para informações sobre as espécies botânicas existentes. A pedido podemos acompanhá-lo e dar algumas informações sobre a história do local. É também acessível ao público em geral em visita guiada mediante uma marcação prévia.

Jogos Tradicionais

Para entretimento terá ao dispor jogos de tabuleiro ou tradicionais como o “chincalhão” ou “jogo do burro”.

Um piquenique

Podemos preparar-lhe uma cesta de piquenique para levar ou usar no jardim em locais pré-selecionados que iremos preparar para si.


A Casa da Penha e jardim adjacente podem transformar-se no local que sempre desejou para realizar uma festa. Para eventos mais pequenos como a realização de um almoço, jantar ou lanche, uma reunião ou até uma exposição é possível disponibilizar uma sala para o efeito.